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An alien invader mistakes the world championship of wrestling for the world championship of Earth. Whoops. Could have happened to anybody, right?

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D.R. Feiler is a pen name for author Damien Filer whose works have appeared under many names, in publications ranging from Pro Wrestling Illustrated to the New York Times. He is the cofounder of an independent record label, a sought after speaker and an adjunct lecturer at a state university. He has appeared everywhere from Star Trek to the cover of a Stephen King novel. Damien has written a song with the lead singer of punk legends, the Bad Brains, and an award-winning script for a world heavyweight boxing champion. He is a graduate of Clarion Writers’ Workshop at Michigan State University. He lives on planet Earth with his beautiful wife and daughter, and two silly dogs.


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– David Bischoff, called by the Washington Post, the “greatest living wrestling writer”

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– Science Fiction Hall of

Famer, Joe Haldeman

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USA Today bestselling writer,

and Pulphouse editor,

Dean Wesley Smith

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Despite being an alien, Gorpp is something of an everyman among a highly advanced species. Bored with the monotony of transporting supplies here on Earth in preparation for an impending invasion, Gorpp becomes enamored with the spectacle of professional wrestling. One night, in the year 1975, he tunes in to a broadcast announcing the world champion will be defending his title in Tampa, Florida, not far from where the alien invaders are hiding out, in underwater caverns below the Bermuda Triangle. Gorpp doesn’t realize being the world champion of wrestling isn’t the same as being the world champion of Earth.

He is determined to show he is good for a lot more than running supplies, so he decides to challenge Earth’s champion and either return a conquering hero, or die trying.

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After becoming the first couple of wrestling on Earth, Gorpp and Gabby decide to take their show on the road, to Gorpp’s home world, a moon called Enceladus in the rings of Saturn. They assemble a who’s who of Earth’s wrestling greats and embark on an interstellar journey. What they don’t know is that there is one among them intent on sabotage.


Maxim is the nephew of former champion Dimitri Drozdov, known as the Russian Blackbird. Maxim rumbles into the ring on an old Harley Davidson and wrestles as the Son of Blackbird. Will Gorpp’s triumphant return to Enceladus be undermined, or will things take a turn no one on this historic journey could have predicted?


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